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Hearing Aid Dispenser Exam Book

1,000 real-life sample questions
Ebook, PDF format, DVD, not hard copy


The hearing aid dispenser exam book is composed of mainly three parts, introduction, 1000 sample exam, and hearing aid dispensing business.


1. Cover  
  2. Content  
  3. How to use this book  
4. Exam analysis There are 6 analysis of the structure of the exam, psychological solution inference, and instant exam solving method using common senses.

5. Exam section 1 to 10 There are 10 exam sections. Each section contains 100 exams with some graphic questions
6. Sample store inside pictures This is an 800 square foot dispensing office built in the most advanced and cost-effective way, and emphasizes visual demonstration of the audiogram, hearing loss simulation, computerized real ear fitting procedure, and high-tech office environment. Also, we want to create a very warm and client friendly office.
7. Practical exam overview Explanation of the core elements of the practical exam, tips, preparation, cautious items, and good impression to the proctors, etc.
8. Practical exam narrative script This is a truly made narration that should be said during the practical exam. Concise and clear narration is the key to pass the exam. You should memorize the entire contents.

9. Sample business You should visualize all the negative and positive aspects of your business. Also, when you apply any finances, you need to have a solid business plan to submit. We add here marketing strategy, 5 year projective Profit and Loss Statement, initial investment estimate, break-even analysis, and monthly expenses.
10. Future office equipment list This is a great reference for you when you want to open your own dispensing office. All equipment are selected carefully in consideration of function, cost, and affordability. We are using all equipment in our model dispensing office.
11. Equipment buying tips The most cost-effective equipment buying tips. Brand names, models, related web site, etc are explained.

12. Four different office plan Four different sizes of floor plans, ceiling plan, and elevation plans. We have a professional architect to make the most practical sizes of plans, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 square foot. If you plan to open your own dispensing office, you do not need to hire an architect. You can use these great plans and modify per your needs. I will also attach all files in PDF form.
13. State department We add all hearing aid dispenser related license departments in all states.
14. Answer sheets All 1000 answers.


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